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“I am not desperate to be president but rather desperate to see a Nigeria that all Nigerians will be proud to call their country.”

This stand out quote came from the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, HE Peter Obi. And that was very early in the campaign for party tickets. To match words with action, all his campaign talks were/are based strictly on issues – dissecting the problems of Nigeria as a nation, proffering practical solutions. And his message was not only resonating with most Nigerians but he also garners growing support every time he speaks.

Gradually, some aspirants, and later candidates, started toeing his line, involving statistical data and country comparisons in their interviews/campaign speeches. However, some members of the old order still continued in that demonstration of the old axiom that a leopard never changes its spots.

When the same game changer added GO AND VERIFY to his growing campaign slogans, some smart candidates started adopting the practical tactic that is working to tell Nigerians what they had offered in the past as public servants.

But one candidate stood out as either being excessively stubborn or being a proverbial leopard. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, seemingly not interested in the yearnings of Nigerian youths for a different and acceptable form of leadership, insisted and insists on it’s-my-turn mantra and we-are-the-ruling-party-we-can-do-whatever-we-like impudence.

He provides questionable age data, even more questionable background, damns national character practice in picking his running mate, vilifies a contesting party with, ” labouring to death”, and so on.

He finally unveils his running mate after so much controversy and true to type, adds the mother of all desperation by dressing up hired hands with borrowed robes to appear as bishops and pastors just to confuse the watching public.

Even if this man is too old to understand that Nigerian youths are far too smart and sophisticated to be deceived by such amateurish trick, are all members of the All Progressives Congress, APC equally deeply consumed in this win-at-all-cost fixation not to feel the pulse of the nation?

A lot of election frauds were perpetuated in the past because the very highly intelligent Nigerian youths looked the other way, having completely lost faith in their elected leaders. They believed any politician was as bad as the other. But not any more.

Nigerian youths are willing to change the narrative of their nation by recognising and queuing behind the man who has brought message of real hope. But it is still the old order that is desperate to hold them back. Nobody knows who will win the 2023 Presidential Election. Only God does.

But we can move towards a better nation by eliminating all the negatives of the past while we approach 2023. That is what Obi had in mind when he made this piece’s opening statement. We should eliminate lies, stupidity in name of winning, membrace free-and-fair election and generally give hope of a better nation. Whoever wins at the end will be supported by all to start building a new nation. We can’t just continue like this. Tinubu and APC should fall in line.

And how does the former think that building almost everything about him on the premise of cheap lies would guarantee him the victory he is looking for?

Nigerians are keenly watching!

PO Express Media, POEM.

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