This is a new beginning for all of us as we march forward towards campaigning for His Excellency Dr Peter Obi. And as we all know that there is nothing UNITY can not achieve.
I believe that we are all one when it comes to achieving a purpose. Though, the mantle of Leadership bestowed upon me, came a little shocking, but when God’s hand is upon a man, no matter where you’re hiding, you’ll surely be fished out. I accept the baton, because, for God’s children, there’s nothing like NO, when it comes to showing what God had deposited in you. By the special Grace of God Almighty, we shall all work, and see a better and glorious results. And it is in this vain that I am promising you all that I will try my possible best, through your support to reach every Grassroots in Nigeria, for our Principal’s campaign. Please, please, and please.

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