By Tai Emeka Obasi

Since 1990, I had never missed the World Cup opening ceremony and the corresponding match. Yesterday, I was at home, there was power and standby generator but I didn’t step into the living room neither did I try to follow proceedings in Qatar online. I didn’t forget but I was just so busy. I saw it as a scroll on Channels Television while watching Politics Today online that Ecuador’s Enner Valencia scored the first goal of Qatar 2022. I understood later that he scored both goals.

Call it OBIdient or Obi-Datti Movement, it is now a religion. Many people like me, and they count in millions, are married 24/7 to the course of taking back our country. Writing, reading, commenting, calls I get these days are 99% dedicated to this cause. And there are no regrets. It’s a noble cause. Nigeria should take her place among nations and stand tall as a true giant of Africa.

I must force myself to watch Senegal against the Netherlands today. Senegal should remind me of what Nigeria should have been in Qatar. Imagine a very hot Victor Osimhen watching from television! When I watch the Terenga Lions, it will certainly motivate me more into working harder for a leadership that will definitely ensure Nigeria never misses out of the World Cup fiesta moving forward. In about three months we go to the polls. This is the time to work, pray and believe in the Obi-Datti Movement for a new Nigeria.

Obasi writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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