In last couple of days, the Labour Party Manifesto has been lashed by the All Progressives Congress, APC in a sheer show of moribund reasoning and vague exhibition of political naivety.

It appears they have emptied their tank of words against HE Peter Obi and Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, and now the LP Manifesto has become a new dragnet of a sort, right?

Bayo Onanuga, APC campaign media director said to Obi, “your promises are hollow”, thereby asking Nigerians “not to be fooled by Obi’s manifesto” (Independent Newspaper online 9:12:22).

Also, Iyabo Awokoya, lawyer and development expert said that the Obi manifesto is “a manifesto without corresponding action plan”, stressing that the APC Manifesto is the only one that gives some ‘comfort’. (PM News, 09:12:22)

What are these attackers so afraid of?

The LP Manifesto; “leapfrog Nigeria into the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) through the application of scientific and technological innovations to create a digital economy” stands to answer them. Have they studied the UNDP Africa Leading the 4th Industrial Revolution (AL4IR) initiative? Come on, they need to!

When the political archers start reading global facts they will stop attacking what’s in tandem with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Perhaps they should change their reading glasses and thinking caps too, to come abreast of the century in which they “blaboo and bluu blaa” like their master in utter hatred for the bare truth!

When the UNDP appointed tech experts to steer its vision of leveraging 4IR technologies for accelerated delivery of Africa’s promise, they were not joking.

Next time Iyabo wants to say that “the APC manifesto does not paint the picture of hopelessness that other parties paint”, she should think beyond political hallucination. Onanuga should go and study the meaning of ‘hollow’ to talk more appropriately. The wine of political bribery can make its taker to junk-talk like Onanuga. The UN and other developmental bodies have seen all manifestos and they know who-is-who by the what-is-what therein.

Obi-Datti is the way to go!

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