Tai Emeka Obasi

Besides other very antagonistic questions Kadaria Ahmed fired at HE Peter Obi last night, she also ‘put it to him’ that he had nothing different to offer since he was a member of the same old order until few months ago. Though the Labour Party presidential candidate responded excellently that he had to leave because he got tired of staying in a group that insists on doing things the wrong way, there are facts the former governor of Anambra State did not put forward because of his modest and humble nature.

Yes, Obi was in APGA, then PDP but as governor, he was the best in the country in achieving MDGs, won Bill Gates’ prize based on performance in Health, moved his state from number 26 to number one in Education, left the state with only Lagos higher in positive per Capita rating, rated by Ministry of Works as state with best network in the country, paid off all debts in tens of billions he inherited and didn’t owe a dime to any worker, supplier/contractor before leaving office, bought over 600 vehicles including Armoured Personnel Carriers, APC for the police and other security agencies including the vigilante services, among many sterling achievements.

Above all, he saved and left over N75 billion for his successor after all these unprecedented achievements. Which other governor of APGA, PDP and APC came near? That singles this great man out as not belonging within the class of these old order multitude that have brought dear country to her knees. In investing in Obi and Datti, you’re guaranteed one thing – TRUST – in every aspect of service to the people.

Obasi writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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