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Recall the day HE Peter Obi appeared for the first time at the Platform in 2016. After his earth-shaking speech, cyber haters went to work, photoshopping several pictures of the former governor of Anambra State, enlarging his wrist to affix different makes of wristwatches. Just because the man said he’s been wearing one wristwatch for nearly two decades. So also they did to show he wears more than two pairs of shoes.

Imagine that people, members of the old order of course, are not interested in his elegant lecture on how to cut costs of governance but rather undressing him in their cyber rooms for just an avenue to call him a liar. What a disingenuous generation!

Fast-forward to six years later in Port Harcourt, where the same man told the audience and cameras that he went to same secondary school as Dr. Peter Odili, where Odili was their school’s football talisman. Vam! The usual cyber doodles went gaga. If he played football with Odili in school, they must be classmates and if Odili is 74, Obi must be 74 too. What a tragedy of what the old order foisted on us as a nation!

Pause here. Rewatch the attached video and see why this gang, ably tutored in cyber distortion and dubiousity, tried with every data in their respective typing devices, to distract a distraught nation from the crux of the matter.

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress, APC, has a catalog of question marks – all leading to pathways of fraud – hanging all around his mysterious neck.

From mysterious date of birth, through real name at infancy, schools attended, to certificates obtained, no Nigerian, including his wife, can swear under oath to the authenticity of what the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC have in their archives as Tinubu’s attestations under oath.

And these are not the half of the matter yet.

The bomb is the forfeiture business where his army of spokespersons have, in different television screens, made themselves look far more stupid than Mr. Ibu in most of his comedy flicks, while trying to hoodwink a bewildered nation into believing that their paymaster abandoned a whopping $460,000 (over N300m) to taxation instead of the well-documented drug heist the American prosecutors indicated in their archives.

Suddenly, the Labour Party presidential candidate’s statement of fact provided them with a diversion, or so they thought.

Not quite folks. Your candidate is swimming in ocean of deep worrisome controversies that it will take a huge earthquake to offer lasting diversion. You only gained 24 hours with your mischievous prank.

Let your candidate appear before a neutral television to answer questions. This is a new Nigeria. The old system of shielding any candidate from interrogation won’t work. And that is if the Jagaban will continue to breath free air without a serious progressive Nigerian bursting his bubbles by bringing him to the docks with the overwhelming evidence of wrongdoings in the public space before the 2023 election.

The new Nigeria we are approaching will not allow anyone to get away with this level of evil craft.

This is POEM.

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