By Chukwudịmma Aaron-Okonkwọ

The morning of Sunday 17th July, 2022 was not much of a surprising moment when it was heard loud and clear from the mouth of the National Chairman of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Abdulai Adamu. Responding to an interview question on AriseTV, Alhaji Adamu frankly spoke out his mind on what he knew about the Labour Party presidential candidate, HE Mr Peter Obi.

“I know Peter Obi since he was governor, he means well for his people and I can never underestimate him…Those are people who mean well. As far as I am concerned, from their outbursts, they mean well. They are well grounded, I don’t have doubts about that…so I have no reason whatsoever to underestimate their ability to lead their people to victory.”, Alhaji Adamu said.

It is a well established and thoroughly verified facts that Peter Obi who was born 10 months immediately after Nigeria became an independent nation genuinely mean well for his people, for Nigerians. He means well for the poverty eradication in our clime that has abundance natural resources. He means well for zero hunger in our environment that has arable land. He means well for positive economic growth in our developmental system that has brilliant brains.

The man fondly called Okwute means well for the innovative development of our deteriorated industries that have displaced our people out of jobs. He means well for the infrastructural development of our dilapidated roads that have been death traps. He means well for sustainable cities and communities, for responsible consumption and qualitative production; for peace, justice and strong institutions; for the partnership of our overall good.

Nigerians, the Obi-Datti candidacy is the only partnership that puts us in everything they do. They have put our poverty index into consideration and are ready to work toward ending it. They have put our condition of hunger into consideration and are now ready to end it. How they will attempt to achieve this is very simple: achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.


Aaron-Okonkwo writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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