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HE Peter Obi and Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed were guests of Kadaria Ahmed on National Television last night. It was the turn of the Labour Party Candidates to be interrogated before a watching nation.

Many believed, and rightly too, that the anchor was not friendly at all, particularly to the presidential candidate as she seemed bent on marring his claims. She was particularly deep-rooted in countering the former governor of Anambra State with whatever claims he made regarding his achievements as the CEO of the state in eight years. Despite very well documented facts Obi put forward, she continued countering with frivolous claims she got from the successor, HE Willie Obiano and even from the present HE Charles Soludo. For any neutral observer, the woman was out to reduce the profile of the Labour Party flag bearers.

However, POEM Interprets otherwise. Obi is not a man who has anything to hide. He has proven overtime that he excels on hostile territory. A fact, Kadaria herself must have known from the way he responded to all she threw his way. Getting Obi angry in such public interview is almost impossible. Asking him friendly questions doesn’t help his course either. Unfriendly questions rather brings out the best in him. She rather did him a huge favour. And from all indications, Datti Baba-Ahmed is made of same fibre too.

Kadaria must have clearly understood that in dealing with Peter Gregory Obi, it’s the harder they come the harder they fall. A fact that can be exemplified in one Reno Omokri, who unwittingly turned himself from once reasonable fella to a sorry bloke. When he decided to start attacking Obi with unprintable lies, he had more followers than the man he chose to attack on Twitter. In just few months, Obi has over 2.5 million followers while Reno is rooted at 2 million. You don’t lie against a man whose heart is pure.

Nonetheless, we need hostile interrogators to host the people, who are applying to be in charge of a country of over 210 million people. Such appearances should not be a tea party and whoever is anchoring should not be friendly at all. So, well done Kadaria. We expect it to go round or you will be doing your reputation a lot of damage by being less ‘professional’ with other or any of the 18 pair of candidates that make it to your hot seat.

In performance, one must applaud the pair for matching their rapidly grown rating with commensurate response. From tackling insecurity, uniting Nigeria, reviving the economy, providing appropriate education, dialoguing with agitators, dealing decisively with corruption, removing subsidy and stringently managing the gains, halting oil theft, turning brain drain to brain gain, declaring war on power, prioritising agriculture and support of SMEs, dealing effectively with climate change, eliminating wastes and cutting costs of governance, generally pulling people out of poverty and few more, the duo swarm against the tide of ‘smiling hostility’ to show themselves to Nigerians what they have in store if voted to serve them as president and vice. In one word – IMPRESSIVE, very.

It lasted for two hours but it was worth every second, including all the questions coming from the audience in the studio as well as other questions from other all zones across the nation.

In the candidates of LP, Nigerians are seeing hope again.

Click to watch the full session of the Townhall Meeting:

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