The “New Nigeria” that we seek should recognize the uniqueness of all our diverse religious, ethnic, cultures and creed as sources of our strengths, our character and a special gift in the making of a great nation.

We must be as secular, ethnic, and religiously blind in our pursuit of fair, just and equitable a society as we can in quest for a “New Nigeria”.

In order to survive as a nation, the “New Nigeria” should “wrap itself around our flag” in good times and challenging times ahead of us in the making of the “New Nigeria” we seek.

The “New Nigeria” must introduce and teach who we are, in our primary and continue on, until secondary schools( the formative years of our new generations).

We must be inclusive in our pursuits of answers to our strategic growth; always seeking answers for better Nigeria from our diverse resources.

That’s our national character, that’s our history and that’s our identity.

God willing! Inshalla!!

Hon. Chudi Asidianya
Toronto, Ontario

By admin