We Agreed": Man Who Can't Have Kids Begs Friend to Impregnate His Wife 3 Times

Patrick turned to his best friend to impregnate his wife, Kavira Zubeda, after he found out he could not have children Zubeda was hesitant, but after seeing how unhappy her husband was, she gave in and was blessed with three children Patrick said he felt like a complete man, thanks to his friend, adding their bonds remained unshaken

A man named Patrick has given his best friend access to his beautiful wife and allowed him to impregnate her. Trying to have kids for years Patrick and his gorgeous wife, Kavira Zubeda, tried to have kids for years after their wedding but to no avail.

“We discovered I could not have kids, but my wife could. I had tried to impregnate other women in the hope that he could have kids, but it was never productive. That was when I reached out to my best friend,” Patrick said. When Patrick’s friend got the news, he was surprised and unsure about his best friend’s decision with his wife.

Our bonds remain unshaken, Patrick Zubeda admitted she was not up for the idea as she instantly declined, but seeing her husband was unhappy, she faintly accepted. “Patrick asked for a big favour. I hesitated but agreed to help. I fathered three children, but we agreed they would be his. I do not consider those children to be mine, and we made some agreements confirming that. I’m glad I helped my friend, and now he is a happy father,” he shared.

Patrick claims their bonds remain unshaken after the strange arrangements, adding it was necessary. He shared he could only trust his best friend to step up to the occasion and help him ward off societal criticism of not having a family by having kids courtesy of his friend.

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