She is a young vibrant woman with a sense of humour, someone who’s in touch with her humanity; who loves people and is devoted to selfless service; a natural crisis manager; someone who has the charisma to bring various groups together and, with the honesty of purpose and the purest intention, help to build a framework for unity and progressive engagement.

Someone full of love for all the people irrespective of ethnicity, religion, gender or language; someone humble, patient, dedicated, honest, incorruptible, creative and loyal. Someone who has risen beyond bigotry and enslavement by material wealth.

An idealist who is also a realist and a pragmatist. A dreamer, a visionary. Someone who listens more than she speaks but is not afraid to say the right things even if they will be unpopular. Someone brave, full of courage. Someone who loves her people and wants the best for them. Someone with a lot of lived experience.

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