Gila Monster

Gila Monster is a venomous lizard. They walk on their shirt legs with their tail off the ground, swinging it from right to left.
it is the slowest lizard in the world. They live underground, hunt less, and store more fat in their bodies. They are heavy-bodied lizards with bead-like scales. The monster could be pink or black and yellow.


Koala has the power to save energy by moving slowly and sleeping. Koala has an extreme metabolic rate. When not sleeping, they’re likely eating. They have a strong digestive system to break down toxins after eating eucalyptus trees, that is their most favorite.

Banana Slug

Banana Slug slowly crawl with the help of mucus. Slug has a single lung with an external breathing pore. It eats with a tongue covered with rows of microscopic teeth. When the environment is too hot or dry they dwell in a shady shelter. They have one muscular foot that enables it to move.


Dugong have a very slow swimming speed. Seagrass is their primary source of food. Dugong and manatees are similar in appearance but the former’s tail looks like that of a whale. Their tale is used for standing with the head above the water. Dugong live in coastal waters.

Dwarf Seahorse

Start Fish

Starfish, also referred to as sea stars fish, is one of the slowest animal in the world.
They have tiny feet that help them grasp the ground to move around. Starfish can be found in both deep and shallow water.

They do not have a skeleton but a body composed of calcium carbonate plates known as “ossicles”. They do not have a brain or blood but a nervous system. This animal has five or more arms and can be quite large.
The average speed of Star fish is a metre per minute


Snail move efficiently, the snail releases mucus in order to reduce friction and to allow it to crawl very well over a rough surface, most especially to help their body from drying out. They have organs of both sexes, which makes them a hermaphrodite.Snail has a muscular organ that enables it to move extremely slowly.


Tortoise are very active during the day but slow-moving because of their slow metabolic rate. The shell of a tortoise is part of its bone structure and protects it from prey. The shell is a good absorber of heat from the sun — tortoise need this to survive because they are cold-blooded. The most famous species of tortoise that lives on land is the Galapagos tortoise; which can live up to 150 years.


Three-toed Sloth

Three-Toed Sloths barely move. They spend days on treetops, feeding on fruits, shoots, and leaves. Their long arms enable them to reach a wider space without much movement. Sloths sleep between 15 and 20 hours every day. When on land, they use their claws to dig, and their belly and front legs to drag themselves along.They have low metabolic rate,

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