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You’re all welcome to this moment of the truth.Many of us have been waiting for this day, a new day to the Nigerians.Peter Obi 2023 , should be our collective project, a Nigerian Project, Nigeria Needs Peter Obi. We are more than confident that OKWUTE will triumph. Vision, Mission and Goals are the major attributes that define a leader. Peter Obi has the vision to reposition Nigeria on the right track. For him, it is a Mission to unite Nigeria and achieve the goals to develop Nigerian economy, infrastructures, security, education and make Nigeria a star among the committee of nations. Peter Obi is a leader blessed by God to lead Nigeria come 2023. Therefore, We support Peter Obi for President in 2023. The victory is certain.NNPO

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  1. A time to change Nigeria situation for God. We are not doing Peter Obi a favour for voting him, we. are doing ourselves a favour for voting him. Thank God for giving him to us at this crucial moment

  2. I am glad to be part of a redefining moment in our nation’s histroy. The man Peter Obi is an instrument in the hand of God to birth a new Nigeria.