For the first time In Nigeria’s history

People use their money

Print banners, posters, placards

And storm the streets

Calling on all and sundry

To vote for a particular candidate.

I have never seen this before.

This record is unprecedented.

Peter Obi is on another level.

The support is overwhelming.

If the PDP fails to field him

Obi still has an option.

Leave the party

Pitch his tent

With another

And the masses will gladly move with him.

The PDP must understand that

Many are not going to vote for them

Because Buhari is a disaster

Or because the APC is a bad party.

There is hardly any difference between

The PDP and the APC.

But people are ready to vote the party

Because Peter Obi is their candidate.

Left to us

The PDP is sepulchre that needs perpetual desertion.

But we will vote the party

If they give us Peter Obi.

Field any other candidate

And be ready to lose wotowotoporously

It is not a threat

It is a fact.

The power and acceptance of the party

Lie in the support of the people.

The PDP will know if

They are popular after the primaries.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Johnson Edeh – Sharing Knowledge

On Peter Obi we stand.

Owelle Ndigbo SA

By admin